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New Issues In May 2016

Select  picture to purchase or get more information.  Roman Coins   Pertinax AE Sestertius 192 - 193 AD Didius Julianus AE Sestertius Emperor 28 March – 2 June 193 A.D. Caesar Silver and Gold Money Clip Ancient Greek   Macedonia, Acanthus AR Stater 424-350...

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St. Patrick Halfpenny Coinage 1674-1675

St. Patrick Halfpenny Coinage 1674-1675 (Mark Newby Coinage-1681)   Originally minted for use in Ireland, Mark Newby who immigrated to West New Jersey in 1681 brought with him a large supply of these coins In 1682 the General Assembly of West New Jersey made the...

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Beware of the Ides of March

2060 years ago on March 15th 44 BC, two of the most famous Romans in history Julius Caesar and Marcus Junius Brutus will forever be remembered for the event that happened on this day.   Civil War to Save the Roman Republic During the time Caesar was fighting in...

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Replica Coins Launches New Website

We are happy to announce the our new website is now up and running. Below are some of the enchantments that were solely needed and implemented.   Features of new website Coins are now listed in alphabetical order. New search function on right margin to find...

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