Ancient Roman

The history of Ancient Roman Coins

During the Roman Republic the denarius emerged as the primary coin of the realm and the most common denominations of the  Roman Empire, consisted of:
» Gold Aureus
» Silver Denarius
» Bronze Sestertius
» Dupondius
» Copper AS
» Silver Cistophoric offers collectors, hobbyists and appreciators of fine art, exact coin reproductions of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire.  Rare and ancient Roman coins that would be otherwise out of reach for most enthusiasts, can now be owned for a fraction of their value as originals without sacrificing quality or detail. Our inventory of ancient Roman coin replicas includes a wide variety of the most common denominations.

Collectors and historians will take great enjoyment from portrait coins of the Roman emperors and their families.  The coins can be arranged in chronological order by emperor and studied as a timeline of Roman History.

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