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Here are some of the coins that I added to this past year.

Roman Republic Coins

One of the projects I worked on in 2013 was the complete works of Peter Rosa’s Roman Republic denarius coins thirty coins in all.  They are offered in six sets of five coins per set the way Rosa sold them in the 1950’s in alphabetical order under the family name of the moneyer responsible for their issue.  (You can also order the individual coins).

Rosa ordered them using the  Ernest Babelon numbering system from Babelon’s 1885 publication “Description Historique et Chronologique des Monnaies de la Republique, bulgairement appellees Monnaies Consulaires.”

The Babelon system in also used in a later publication by H.A, Seaby  in his 1952  publications Roman Silver Coins Vol. I part I “The Republic arranged according to Babelon”  This is the book that Rosa used for reference.  I still have is copy of this book.

Link to Roman Republic Coins

Roman Empire

Magnentius AE 26mm Double Centenionalis. 353 AD


Judean and Biblical Coins

Tiberius Denarius – Biblical Tribute Penny

Widows’ Mite – Coponius Bronze Prutah 6 A.D.

Herod Antipas, 4 B.C.E.-39 C.E. Medium Bronze

Quarter Shekel of the Bar Kochba War 132-135 C. E.

Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt. Year 1 (132/133 AD). Large Bronze Coin 30mm

Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt. Year 3 (/135 AD). Medium Bronze Coin 24mm

Pontius Pilate AE Prutah 29 A.D.

Mattathias Antigonus (40-37 BC). AE Prutah,

HEROD I (THE GREAT), 37 – 4 BC Æ “Eight Prutot

Roman Emperor Vespasian, Judaea Capta AE Sestertius

Titus Caesar, Judaea Capta AE Sestertius, Rome, AD 72

Agrippa II, with Vespasian, Judea Herodian Kings. Medium Bronze

Nerva AE Sestertius. 97 AD, FISCI IVDAICI CALVMNIA – Jewish Tax Abolishment Coin

Link to Judean and Biblical Coins

Early American Coins


1681 Eight Reales Spanish Cob

1705 Lima Peru 2 Escudos Gold Cob

1715 Fleet – Plate Fleet Spanish Treasure 8 Escudos

1731 Eight Reales Spanish Colonial Mexico Mint


Link to Early American Coins

U.S. Territorial Goal


1854 Kellogg & Co. San Francisco $20 gold piece

OREGON 1849 $5 Gold “Beaver”

Coming in 2014:

  • The remaining Peter Roman Empire Bronze Coins
  • Roman Imperatorial Denarius Coins, Pompey, Marc Anthony, Cassius, Augustus
  • More Ancient Greek coins
  • More Early American Coins
  • Sterling Silver and Bronze Coin Jewelry

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