Early American coins



1788 New Jersey Copper Coin Replica

 NJ Copper Horse facing Left



1792 Birch Cent

1792 Birch Cent


1793 Flowing Hair Chain Reverse Cent

1793 Chain Cent


Judea and Biblical coins



Coins of the Bible Replica Set

Coins of the Bible Six Coin Set with leather pouch

The Jewish War Against Rome 66-70 CE , Half Shekel Year 3Half Shekel from the 1st Jewish Revolt against Rome dated Year 3


Shekel of Bar Kochba Silver Tetradrachm Year 2

Shekel of Bar Kochba War Year 2




Sterling Silver Shekel of Judea pendant and chain.


Ancient Roman

Marc and Lucius Antony AR Denarius. 41 B.C.

Marc and Lucius Antony AR Denarius. 42 B.C.


Gaius Caligula. 37-41 AD, Æ As, Struck 37/8

Caligula AE As

Constantine the Great (born A.D. 280, ruled 312-37) AR Miliarense

Constantine the Great 312-37 AD, AR Miliarense



Ancient Greek



Ancient Coinage of Akarnania, Leukas AR Stater. 420-350 BC.

Akarnania, Leukas AR Stater. 420-350 BC



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