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Ancient Roman


Solid Bronze Medallions

 Custom made for a client:


Emperor Trajan 103-111 AD, Solid Bronze Medallion

Roman Emperor Trajan 103-111 AD


Roman  Imperatorial Denarius

Julius Caesar AR Denarius 47-46 B.C. Coin Replica

Julius Caesar / Venus

Julius Caesar Roman Imperial Period AR Denarius 49-48 B.C.

Julius Caesar / Elephant

Roman Empire Denarius


Augustus / Comet

Forty new Roman denarius coins were added to the site, from
Augustus, 18 BC,  to Julia Mamaea, 235 AD.


Ancient Greek

Demetrius II Nicator, King of the Seleukid Empire

Demetrius II Nicator, King of the Seleukid empire,
AR Tetradrachm Coin 129-125 BC

Cleopatra Thea & Antiochos VIII AR Tetradrachm

 Cleopatra Thea & Antiochos VIII AR Tetradrachm, 121 BC


Antiochos VIII, King of the Seleucid Empire, 121-96 BC

Early American Coins

Bi-Centennial Commemorative State Coins 1787-1987



Coins struck in 1987 by Peter Rosa to commemorative the bi-centennial of  state coinage.



Anti-Slavery Hard Times Token “AM I NOT A WOMAN & A SISTER” 1838


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