1776 Bronze Continental Dollar with Sterling Silver Key Chain

$ 139.95 $ 74.95


Bronze Replica Continental Dollar Key Chain



Continental Dollar Bronze Pendant :
Made in the USA..

Material:  Bronze
Size:  Width -1.5 Inch — Height: 1.8 inch

Key chain and ring:
Made in Italy

Material:  Sterling Silver
Size:  3 inch


Obverse bears the date 1776 with the inscription CONTINENTAL CURRENCY. Within is a sundial and below is MIND YOUR BUSINESS with FUGIO (“I fly”, a reference to the passage of time).
Reverse has 13 intertwined circles each the name of a state (13 colonies). In the center is the inscription AMERICAN CONGRESS – WE ARE ONE.

The legends on this coin are credited to Benjamin Franklin:  FUGIO is Latin for “I Fly”  the sun and the hour sun dial was to convey time.
Franklin’s message was that time flies by, so you should take care of your business now.


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