Coins of Julius Caesar During His Lifetime Five Coin Set

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Diademed head of Venus CAE – SAR Trophy with Gallic shield and carnyx; on r., axe.






Julius Caesar-Elephant Coin

Julius Caesar / Elephant – AR Denarius 49-48 B.C.






Julius Caesar, Allienus Denarius 47 BC

Julius Caesar, Allienus Denarius 47 BC





Julius-Caesar, Aeneas Roman Denarius

Diademed head of Venus right
CAESAR, Aeneas walking left, carrying Anchises and the Palladium 47-46 BC






Caesar Perpetual Dictator Replica Coin

CAESAR DIC. PERPETVO, Laurel head of Julius Caesar – L. BVCA., Winged caduceus, laid across the consular fasces, an axe, two hands joined, and a globe. 44BC


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