Five Military Mint Coins of Brutus and Cassius, Co-assassins of Julius Caesar

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Obverse: BRVT IMP L PLAET CEST, head of Brutus right
Reverse: EID MAR, liberty cap and two daggers.


Obverse: COSTA LEG, laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: IMP BRVTVS, Trophy composed of helmet, cuirass, figure-eight shield and two spears, IMP to left, BRVTVS to right.


C. Cassius Longinus and Lentulus Spinther, AR Denarius, 42 BC

Obverse; C. CASSI. IMP left, LEIBERTAS right, diademed and draped bust of Libertas right
Reverse : LENTVLVS SPINT in two lines below jug and lituus.


C. Cassius Longinus / Crab, Roman Imperatorial AR Denarius, 42 BC

Obverse: Laureate head of Libertas right, C. CASSEI. IMP behind
Reverse: M. SERVILIVS LEG, crab holding aplustre in claws, rose beneath untied diadem.


C. Cassius Loginus / M. Servilius Legate, AR Denarius, 42 B.C

Obverse: – C . CASSO . IMP., Diad. head of Liberty
Reverse: – MSERVILIVS . LEG, aplustre with branches terminating in flowers












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