Lord Baltimore Shilling 1658

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Maryland (Lord Baltimore) Coinage
Diameter: 26 mm

Silver plated lead free fine pewter.

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American Colonial Coinage

Maryland (Lord Baltimore) Coinage

British Coins for America

1658 Silver Shilling Replica

The second Lord Baltimore , received from King Charles I of England a grant for a new province to be named for queen Mary, designated “Terra Maria” or Maryland.

The first coins struck in England specifically for a British American Colony.

The obverse is the bust of Cecil Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore of Maryland. Inscription: CAECILIUS Dns TERRAEI-MARIAE & CT The Dns after CAECILIVS on the obverse is the standard medieval abbreviation for Domininus, meaning Lord.

The legend on the reverse is from Genesis I, 28: “Benedixitque illis Deus, et ait: CRESCITE : ET : MVLTIPLICAMINI,” translated “and God blessed them and Increase and be multiplied and fill the earth”. Calvert arms crowned, org and cross above, with the denomination divided by the shield.

The original coin would sell for $23,000 in this condition.

Diameter: 26 mm

Silver plated lead free fine pewter.


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