Owl Of Athena Necklace – 22k Gold Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain

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The owl of Athena was the symbol of wisdom, acuteness, and exceptional knowledge.

Bail: 22k gold with 1/2 karat ruby cabochon set in a 22k gold bezel.
The sterling silver ancient Greek replica coin mounted in a 22k gold bezel.

Length:  1 9/16 inch, 29.7 mm
Width:    1.2 inch, 29.6 mm
18 inch Sterling Silver wheat chain.

Coin:  Owl Standing on Panathenaic amphora (large ceramic ancient Greek vessel that contained olive oil given as prizes in the Panathenaic Festival and  Games).
Panathenaic games were first instituted in 566 B.C. and held every four years in honor of the goddess Athena.


Replica made from impressions of the original coin.

Athena was the Greek goddess of many things, wisdom, war, knowledge, arts and crafts, literature, and agriculture.

Similar necklace with original real coin and only 14k gold  are selling for as much as $3800.00

Handmade, Shipped in a black felt clamshell gift box.










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