Palm Tree Pendant Necklace

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Bronze Replica Coin Pendant from the Judaea Bar Kochba Revolt 132-135 AD

Hand crafted one of a kind necklace.

Features: Bronze replica coin, hand made clam shell fine silver bail atop fine silver ball, fine silver bezel, 18 inch sterling silver 2.5 mm wheat chain.

Diameter:  24 mm (1 inch), length of of coin and bail = 34mm (1.34 inch)

Bar Kochba Revolt coinage were coins issued by the Jews during the second Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire of 132-135 AD.

Obverse: Paleo-Hebrew inscription: “Shimon”, seven branched palm tree with two bunches of dates
Reverse:  Paleo-Hebrew inscription: “for the freedom of Jerusalem”, five-lobed vine-leaf, hanging from curved branch

Shipped in a black felt clam shell gift box


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