Roman Republic Denarius Coin Monyer SET#2

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Exact Replicas of the Original Coins

Set #2 consists five coins of the Moneyers listed below

1. Titus Didus – Roman Republic AR Denarius 61 B. C.

Babelon # Didia 1, Moneyer: Titus Didus

Obverse: P FONEIVS CAPITO III VIR CONCORDIA, Diademed and veiled head of Concord right
Reverse: T DIDI MP VIL PVB, the Villa Publica, IMP below

2. L. Flaminius Cilo – Roman Republic AR Denarius 109-100 B.C.

Babelon # Flaminia 1, Moneyer: L. Flaminius Chilo

Obverse: Head of Roma
Reverse: Victory holding a crown, in a biga at full speed, FLAMINI below horses, below CILO

3. Q. Fufius Calenus & Mucius Cordus, AR Serrate Denarius Rome, 68 B.C.

Babelon # Fufia 1 , Moneyer: Q. Fufius Calenus & Mucius Cordus

4. P. Fourius Crassipes – Roman Republic AR Denarius 85-83 B.C.

Babelon # Furia 19 , Moneyer: P. Fourius Crassipes

Obverse: Turreted head of the City, AED CVR
Reverse: P. FOVRIVS on curule chair, CRASSIPES

5. M. Herennius – Roman Republic Denarius 108-107 BC

Babelon # Herennia 1 , Moneyer: M. Herennius

Obverse: PIETAS, laureate head of Pietas right, control letter below chin
Reverse: M • HERENNI to left, Amphinomus carrying his father right.

Coin Diameters = 18 mm

Stamped with the word copy.

Silver plated lead free pewter, made in the USA

Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert.


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