Roman Republic Denarius Coin Monyer SET#4

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Set #4 consists five coins of the Moneyers listed below

1. Petillius Capitolinus Roman Republic Denarius 37 B.C.

Babelon: Petillia 1, Very rare

Obverse: CAPITOLINVS, head of Jupiter right
Reverse: Hexastyle temple of Capitoline Jupiter, PETILLIVS below

2. Petillius Capitolinus Roman Republic Denarius 43 B.C.

Babelon: Petillia 3,

Petillius Capitolinus. 43 BC. AR Denarius (3.95 gm). Eagle standing right on thunderbolt / Hexastyle temple with ornamented pediment; S-F. Crawford 487/2b; Sear, CRI 174a; Sydenham 1151

3. Cn. Plancius Roman Republic Denarius 54 B.C.

Babelon: Plancia 1,

Rome mint. CN. PLANCIVS before, AED. CVR. S.C behind, female head (Diana Planciana?) right, wearing petasus, cruciform earring, necklace of pendants, and hair in long locks / Cretan goat standing right; quiver and bow to left. Crawford 432/1; Sydenham 933; Kestner 3481; BMCRR Rome 3920; CNR Plancia 1

4. M. Porcius Laeca Roman Republic Denarius 125 B.C.

Babelon: Porcia 3

Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right, X below chin, LAECA behind.
Reverse: Libertas in quadriga right crowned by Victory, M PORC below horses, ROMA in exergue.

5. M. Cato Roman Republic Denarius, 47-46 B.C

Babelon: Porcia 9

Obverse: Female head right, M. CATO PRO PR before
Reverse: Victory seated right holding patera; VICTRIX in exergue

Coin Diameters = 18 mm
Stamped with the word copy.
Silver plated lead free pewter, made in the USA

Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert.


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