• Dekadrachm: The Largest coin the ancient Greeks made was the dekadrachm. Deka means ten in Greek.  So dekadrachm is ten times the value of a drachm
  • Tetradrachm: The next largest coin was the tetradrachm, tetra meant four. The tetradrachm is four times the drachm
  • Didrachm: The didrachm was two times the drachm
  • Electrum Gold Stater: In north Africa was the Semitic strong hold of Carthage where the electrum gold stater was struck.  Electrum is a naturally occurring metal alloy of gold and silver. (Link to CAR-27)
  • Octodrachms: After Alexander the Great defeated the Persians he put his general Ptolemy in command of Egypt.   This was the beginning of the Ptolemy Kingdom and three centuries of Greek rule.   It ended when the last of its leaders Cleopatra III (link to EGY- 20) and Marc Antony (link to CIS-02) committed suicide.  During the Ptolemy rule, some of the finest gold coins were struck and were known as Octodrachms (Link to EGY-22).
Coin Replicas | Colonial coins with rifle by Gene Austin

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