1787-1987 Bi-Centennial Commemorative State Coins struck in solid copper by Peter J. Rosa in 1987

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These Bi-Centennial coins were struck by Peter J. Rosa in 1987, three years before his passing in 1990.

Rosa’s initials (PJR) are on the reverse, and the NY commemorative coin has a die error with the (N) in New York

The state commemorative coins include New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Peter J. Rosa 1926-1990

Peter J. Rosa was a renowned replica coin manufacturer known for his high-quality reproductions of ancient and historical coins. Born in New York City, Rosa developed an early interest in numismatics and began producing replica coins in the mid-20th century. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to authenticity earned him a reputation among collectors and historians. Rosa’s replicas were used for educational purposes, museum displays, and affordable alternatives for collectors who could not acquire the original coins. Despite some controversies regarding the potential for replicas to be mistaken for genuine artifacts, Rosa’s work remains highly respected in the numismatic community for its craftsmanship and historical value.


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