Agrippa / Neptune AE As Roman Imperial Coin

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Diameter: 28 mm

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Agrippa AE As Roman Imperial Coin

Struck under Caligula, 37-41 AD

Agrippa son of Lucius.

A close friend of Augustus from boyhood. A renowned commander by both land and sea. He won the famous battle of Actium against Marc Anthony and Cleopatra (B.C. 31). Agrippa married Julia, daughter of Augustus and was destined by Augustus to succeed him as emperor but died in Campania on his return from Pannonia in 12 B.C. at age 51 years. The remains of Agrippa were interred in the Mausoleum of Augustus.

Obverse: Head of Agrippa, (M) AGRIPPA L. F. COS. III
Reverse: S. C., Neptune standing, holding dolphin in his right hand and in his left hand a trident.

Roman Imperial bronze coins contained less than the full nominal value in metal. Their value was supported by the decree of the Senate “Senatus Consulto” or SC. Almost all bronze coins issued before the late third century AD bore the letters SC on the reverse.

Diameter: 28 mm


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