1688 American Plantation 1/24 Real Token

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Produced during King James IIs reign, this token was made of tin in England through a license granted to Richard Holt in 1688. King James IIs secretary, Henry Guy, developed the idea of producing tin coins for American plantations, as the United States was known then. These pewter plantation coins are some of the most highly collected of early colonial coins — one fine example sold at the Stacks Americana auction (January 2008, Lot 5578) for $2300.


Obverse: King James II on horseback with Latin legend JACOBUS II D.G. MAG. BRI. FRAN. ET HIB. REX.

The Latin inscription “JACOBUS II D.G. MAG. BRI. FRAN. ET HIB. REX” found on the 1688 American Plantation Token translates to English as “James II, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland.” Here’s a breakdown of the translation:

  • JACOBUS II: James II
  • D.G.: Dei Gratia, which translates to “by the grace of God”
  • MAG. BRI.: Magnae Britanniae, meaning “of Great Britain”
  • FRAN.: Franciae, which stands for “France”
  • ET HIB.: Et Hiberniae, meaning “and Ireland”
  • REX: King

This inscription signifies James II’s claim to the thrones of England, Scotland (collectively referred to as Great Britain), France, and Ireland. The inclusion of France in such titles was customary for English and British monarchs from the Hundred Years’ War until 1801, despite them not having actual sovereignty over France after the mid-15th century.

Reverse: Four heraldic shields connected by chains, HISPAN BAL 24 PART

“HISPANIAE” and “BALEARIUM” references, and the denomination “24 PART. Spanish Real”

Diameter: 27 mm



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