Antonia Roman Imperial AE Dupondius

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Diameter: 28.5 mm

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Antonia Roman Imperial AE Dupondius

B.M.C. #166

Obverse: Draped bust of Antonia, ANTONIA AVGSTA

Reverse: Claudius standing holding simpulum, CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG. P. M. TR. P. IMP. P. P. S .C

Antonia Minor also was known as Antonia the younger or simply Antonia was the younger daughter of Marc Antony and Octavia. She was one of the most prominent Roman women known for her virtue and beauty and the favorite niece of Rome ‘s first emperor Augustus. She married Nero Claudius Drusus the brother of Emperor Tiberius in 16 B.C. They had three famous surviving children, the general Germanicus, Livilla and the Roman Emperor Claudius.

Antonia was the grandmother of Emperor Caligula, Empress Agrippina the Younger and the great-grandmother to Emperor Nero.

All the coins in her name and portrait were issued by her son the emperor Claudius (41-54 A.D.).

Diameter: 28.5 mm


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