Arsinoe II 316-270 B.C. AV Octadrachm

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The Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt Arsinoe II 316-270 B.C. AV Octadrachm


Obverse: Bust of Arsinoe II, vailed head
Reverse: Double Cornucopiae bound with fillet

Arsinoe II was the daughter of Ptolemy I and his second wife Berenice I

As wife of the King of Lysimachus, Arsinoe II was queen of Thrace, Asia Minor, and Macedonia. After the King’s death in 281 B.C. Arsinoe II married her half-brother Ptolemy II.

This museum quality coin reproduction of Ancient Greek Hellenistic Egyptian Coinage is an exact copy of the coin held in the British Museum . Add this to your collection and research it’s history.

Diameter: 26 mm

Material: 24k Gold plated fine pewter


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