Augustus and daughter Julia. 27 BC-14 A.D. AR Denarius

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Struck 13 BC. C. Marius Tromentina, moneyer.

Augustus & Julia denarius, AVGVSTVS Bare head of Augustus right, lituus behind. / C MARIVS TRO III [VI]R Diademed and draped bust right of Julia as Diana, quiver over shoulder, RIC 403, RSC 1, BMC 104

Julia was the daughter of Augustus. She was married to her cousin Marcellus. After his death she married her father’s best friend Agrippa. By him, she had several children. After Agrippa died, she married Tiberius. The marriage was a failure. Julia had numerous affairs with men of all classes. When Augustus became aware of is daughter’s promiscuity, she was banished to a small island.

Diameter: 18 mm
Material: Silver plated lead free pewter
Made in the USA

Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert.


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