BALBINUS / Providence Roman Imperial Denarius 238 A.D.

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Obverse: IMP C D CAEL BALBINVS AVG, Laureate, draped bust right.
Reverse: PROVIDENTIA DEORVM, Providence standing left with wand over globe & cornucopiae.

Marcus Clodius Pupienus Maximus and Decimus Caelius Calvinus Balbinus (both died on July 29, 238) were two Roman co-emperors elected by the Roman senate on April 22, 238 after the failure of Gordian I and Gordian II to defeat the usurper Maximinus Thrax.
Together Pupienus and Balbinus had ruled for a little more than three months.

Diameter: 18 mm

Material:  Silver plated lead free fine pewter
Made in the USA
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with printed descripton on insert.


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