1787 Brasher’s Gold Doubloon

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One of the most famous American coin issues. Struck in New York by gold and silversmith Ephraim Brasher, a neighbor, and friend of George Washington.

Only five Brasher Doubloons with EB on the wing are known to exist. The worth of a doubloon was intrinsically tied to the value of gold. When Brasher crafted his exceptional coin, New York officially designated a gold doubloon’s value as $15. Today, its worth has far surpassed this initial valuation. In 2011, one of Brasher’s doubloons fetched a staggering price of nearly $7.4 million, setting a record as the most expensive coin ever sold at that time.

In Heritage Auctions’ January 2021 sale of the Donald G. Partrick Collection in Dallas, a 1787 Brasher doubloon broke another record for a US gold coin by realizing $9.36 million.

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Obverse: Mountain surmounted by the sun and rays emanating from it. Open sea in the foreground with BRASHER below. NOVA EBORACA COLUMBIA / EXCELOR around.

Reverse:  Heraldic eagle with an olive branch in talons at left and arrows at right; 13 stars near eagle’s head. EB is on the wing. UNUM E PLURIBUS / 1787 and ornaments around.

Diameter: 30 mm

24k gold-plated lead-free metal


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