106 BC – C. Sulpicius C.f. Galba Roman Republic Denarius

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Moneyer: C. Sulpicius C.f. Galba

C. Sulpicius C.f. Galba was a prominent political figure in the Roman Republic during the 2nd century BC. He was a member of the patrician Sulpicia gens, one of Rome’s most influential families.

Coin Details:

Obverse: Conjoined laureate heads of the Dei Penates left

Reverse: Two soldiers swearing an oath over a sow; L above

The Dei Penates, or “household gods,” were essential to Roman religious life during the Roman Republic era. These deities were believed to protect and ensure the well-being of Roman families and their homes. Each household maintained a small shrine, known as the Lararium, where they honored their Penates through daily rituals and offerings. The Dei Penates held great cultural significance, symbolizing the importance of family unity and stability in Roman society. Over time, the worship of these deities evolved to include the protection of the state, with the Roman Republic establishing public shrines dedicated to the Penates Publici.

Diameter: 18 m

Silver-plated lead-free metal, handcrafted in the USA
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of the coin printed on the flip insert.


Sulpicia 1; Crawford 312/1; Sydenham 572



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