Domitia Roman Imperial Denarius Coin 82-96 AD

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Domitia Longina

Domitia Longina (c. 53-130 AD) was a Roman Empress, the wife of Emperor Domitian, who ruled from 81 to 96 AD. Born to the prominent Roman general Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo and his wife Cassia Longina, Domitia came from a distinguished and influential family.

Domitia Longina married Domitian in 71 AD, a union that solidified her husband’s political position as a member of the Flavian dynasty. Throughout Domitian’s reign, she played a significant role in Roman politics and court life. Although their marriage was tumultuous at times, with accusations of infidelity on both sides, Domitia remained a loyal and supportive spouse.

When Domitian was assassinated in 96 AD, Domitia was implicated in the conspiracy by some ancient sources, although her involvement remains a subject of debate among historians. After her husband’s death, she retired from public life and lived out the rest of her days in relative obscurity. Despite her controversial role in Roman history, Domitia Longina remains an important figure, offering a glimpse into the lives of elite Roman women during the Flavian dynasty.

Obverse: DOMITIA AVG IMP DOMITIAN AVG GERM, draped bust right, hair in long plait down back of neck

Reverse: CONCORDIA AVGVST, peacock

Diameter: 19 mm
Material: Silver-plated lead-free metal
Made in the USA

Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of the coin printed on the flip insert.


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