Domitilla The Younger 45 – 66 A.D., Æ Sestertius

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RIC I I (Tit.) 153, BMC 226;

DOMITILLA The Younger, Daughter of Vespasian and Flavia Domitilla

Rosa Reproduction

Obverse: MEMORIAE DOMITILLAE S. P. Q. R. Carpentum drawn right by two mules

Reverse: IMP . T . CAES . DIVI VESP . F . AVG . P. M . TR . P . P . P . COS . VIII . around large S . C.

Diameter: 33 mm

Copper plated lead-free pewter, handcrafted in the USA, Stamped with the word COPY

Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on a flip insert


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