Eumenes I 263-241 B.C. AR Tetradrachm KING of PERGAMON

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Obverse: Laureate head of Philetairos right
Reverse: Athena enthroned left, holding shield in right hand, left elbow resting on sphinx seated right; spear diagonally in background, ivy leaf to inner left, bow to outer right, monogram on throne

Diameter: 28 mm

Silver-plated, made in the USA.
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert

1 review for Eumenes I 263-241 B.C. AR Tetradrachm KING of PERGAMON

  1. Ariel (verified owner)

    Beautiful coin, a well thought propaganda piece of culturally domineering Attalids of Pergamon – the only royal Hellenistic family which had no civil war between siblings.

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