Sun Gods, Gold Charm Bangle

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Helios Charm:

Helios is the god of personification of the Sun in Greek mythology.  He emerged each dawn crowned by the aureole of the sun, driving a chariot drawn by four winged steeds.
He rises in the east each day where he reaches the highest point at noontime, and then he descends, arriving in the evening in the darkness in the west. Helios was the chief deity of the Greek island of Rhodes and appeared on the coins of Rhodes.  On the reverse side is a rose which represents the Ancient Greek city of Rhodes.

Apollo Charm:

Olympian God of the Sun, Prophecy, music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, and knowledge. On the reverse is a race torch. Images are from a coin struck in the Ancient Greek city of Amphipolis

Expandable to 3 inches
Charm Dimension: 15.7 mm x 15.7 mm
20 Karat Gold Plated

Made In Amesbury Massachusetts, USA


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