1787 Indian and New York Arms Cent

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The 1787 Indian and New York Arms Cent is a significant historical coin from the early period of American numismatics. This copper coin is part of a series known as the “New York Coppers,” issued before the U.S. Mint’s establishment in 1792.


The obverse features a standing Native American with a tomahawk to the left and a bow to the right, with a star below the feet. This depiction of a Native American was a common motif in early American coinage.

Around the perimeter is the motto “LIBER NATUS LIBERTATEM DEFENDO,”  translated from Latin to English as “Born free, I defend liberty.” This phrase encapsulates the ideals of freedom and the defense of personal and collective liberties. It reflects the sentiments and values of the period, particularly the emphasis on individual rights and freedoms central to the American Revolution and the United States’ early years. The inscription serves as a bold statement of purpose and principle, embodying the spirit of the era and the foundational beliefs of the nation.



The reverse side features the New York State Coat of Arms. A shield is Central to the design, showcasing a landscape with the sun rising behind mountains. .Two figures flank the shield: Liberty, often depicted as a symbol of freedom and democracy, stands on the right, while Justice, holding the scales of Justice and representing the fair and equitable application of the law, stands on the left. Above the shield is an eagle perched atop a globe, looking towards the right, which symbolizes looking toward the future in heraldry.

Below is the inscription “EXCELSIOR,” which is the state motto of New York, meaning “ever upward.”

Diameter: 27 mm

Copper-plated lead-free.


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