Julia Cornelia Paula Roman Denarius, 219 AD – 220 AD

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Julia Cornelia Paula

Julia Cornelia Paula was a Roman Empress who lived in the 3rd century AD. She was the wife of Emperor Elagabalus, who reigned from 218 to 222 AD. Julia Cornelia Paula was born to a distinguished Roman family and married Elagabalus after he became Emperor. Her marriage, arranged by the emperor’s powerful grandmother, Julia Maesa, to Elagabalus was intended to strengthen the young Emperor’s position and create a sense of stability within the Roman Empire.
Despite her high status, Julia Cornelia Paula’s time as Empress was short-lived. Her marriage to Elagabalus was reportedly unhappy, and the Emperor eventually divorced her in 220 AD to marry another woman named Aquilia Severa. After her divorce, Julia Cornelia Paula disappeared from historical records, and her fate remains unknown.

 Obverse:  IVLIA PAVLA AVG, draped bust right.
Reverse:  VESTA, Vesta standing left.

Diameter: 19 mm

Material: Silver-plated lead-free metal 

Made in the USA
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of the coin printed on the flip insert.



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