Julius Caesar / A. Allienus 47 B.C. Gold Aureus

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A. Allienus moneyer.

Crawford 457/1; CRI 54; Sydenham 1022; RSC 1

Obverse:    C CAESAR IMP COS ITER,  Diademed and draped bust of Venus right
Reverse:    A ALLIENVS PRO COS, Trinacrus standing left, foot on prow, holding triskeles.

Caesar was in Sicily in late 47 BC preparing his army for an assault on Scipio and Pompeians forces.  During this time a small number of denarii were produced in Caesar’s name
by Aulus Allienus, proconsular governor of Sicily. This issue is one of the rarest in the Caesarian series. Venus on the obverse  appears for the first time on Caesar’s coinage.
On the reverse Trianacrus, reputedly a son of Neptune and the deity of Sicily. Having the name of one of his lieutenants in addition to his own on a coin was unusual.

Diameter:  18mm
Material:  24K Gold Plated
Made in the USA
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with printed description on insert.


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