Augustus (Octavian) Julius Caesar Bronze Coin 38-37 BC

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Gaius Octavius Augustus

First Roman Emperor 27 BC – 14 AD

This bronze sestertius featuring the heads of Octavian and Julius Caesar was minted around 38-37 BC. This period is significant as it was during which Octavian solidified his power and used his coinage to emphasize his divine connection to Julius Caesar.

After Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC, the Roman Senate posthumously deified him, making him “Divus Julius” or “the Divine Julius.” A comet that appeared during this time, known as Caesar’s Comet, was seen by many Romans as a sign of his deification and as a manifestation of his spirit..

As Julius Caesar’s adopted heir, Octavian strategically used his coinage to emphasize his connection to Caesar and legitimize his own authority. By inscribing the title “DIVI F” (Divi Filius) on his coins, Octavian highlighted his status as the “son of the god,” aligning himself with the divine and bolstering his claim to leadership.

The coin is a powerful propaganda piece that visually links Octavian to the revered Julius Caesar, asserting his divine right to rule. The depiction of both figures on the coin symbolizes the continuity of leadership and the transfer of divine favor from Caesar to Octavian. With its potent symbolism, this imagery played a crucial role in solidifying Octavian’s position in Roman society, paving the way for his eventual rise to Emperor Augustus and the birth of the Roman Empire.

Obverse: – Bare head of Octavian, DIVI F CAESAR

Reverse: – Laureated head of Julius Caesar, IVLIVS DIVOS


This museum-quality coin reproduction of Ancient Roman Coinage is an exact copy of the coin held in the British Museum.

Diameter: 30 mm

Material: Copper-plated lead-free metal



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