89 BC – L. Titurius L. f. Sabinus Republic Denarius

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L. Titurius L. f. Sabinus

Despite the connotation, Sabinus, the moneyer whose name is depicted in the imagery on this coin, is unlikely to be of Sabine descent. When the city of Rome was first established, the Sabine people resided nearby. As legend has it, the Romans sought to acquire Sabine wives, but the Sabine people spurned their advances.

In response to this rejection, the Romans organized a festival and kidnapped the Sabine women who attended (as portrayed on the reverse side of the coin). The Sabines, led by their king Titus Tatius (whose likeness is depicted on the obverse side), retaliated fiercely. During the conflict, the governor of the Roman citadel’s daughter, Tarpia, opened the gates for the Sabines after striking a deal to acquire whatever the Sabine soldiers had on their arms. Although she was referring to golden bracelets, the Sabines believed their shields satisfied the agreement, and they subsequently crushed her before casting her body off a nearby cliff (later known as the Tarpean Rock).

The Romans fought back bravely and appeared to be gaining the upper hand. However, the Sabine women intervened at this point, proclaiming their satisfaction with their new husbands and status within Roman society and expressing their aversion to seeing either their husbands or fathers/brothers perish if the battle continued. Peace was eventually brokered, and Tatius ruled alongside Romulus and Remus.

Coin Details:

Obverse: Bearded head of King Tatius right; before, palm-branch; behind, SABIN

Reverse: Two soldiers with shields killing Tarpeia, between; above, star in crescent; in exergue, L·TITVRI

Diameter: 18 mm

Moneyer: L. Titurius L. f. Sabinus

Babelon Tituria.4; Crawford 344/2b, BMC 2328

Silver-plated lead-free metal, Handcrafted in the USA

Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of the coin printed on a flip insert.


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