Lokris Opuntia AR Stater. Circa 382-336 BC.

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Opuntian Locris or Eastern Locris was an ancient Greek region inhabited by the eastern division of the Locrians, it consisted of a narrow slip upon the eastern coast of central Greece, from the pass of Thermopylae to the mouth of the river Cephissus.

Obverse:  Wreathed head of Persephone right in ornate quadruple pendant earring & necklace

Persephone the goddess queen of the underworld was the daughter of Zeus and harvest goddess Demeter. She was also known as the goddess of spring growth.

Reverse:   Ajax advancing right, nude but for crested Corinthian helmet, holding sword in right hand, shield decorated with griffin in left; spear below.

Ajax is a mythological Greek hero, the son of King Telamon and Periboea, and the half-brother of Teucer.[1] He plays an important role, and is portrayed as a towering figure and a warrior of great courage in Homer’s Iliad and in the Epic Cycle, a series of epic poems about the Trojan War.

Diameter: 22.5 mm

Silver plated, lead free pewter, with finished patina, made in the USA.
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert.


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