Macedonia, Acanthus AR Stater 424-350 BC

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Ancient Coinage of Akanthos, Macedonia

Macedonia, Acanthus AR Stater 424-350 BC

Akanthos, along with other Thraco-Macedonian cities and tribes, began striking impressive sized silver coins at the end of the 6th century BC. 

Obverse: Lion right attacking bull half-kneeling left

Reverse: AKANOION around quadripartite pattern with raised granular mound in each quarter

Diameter: 22 mm

Material: Silver plated lead free fine pewter

This is an exact reproduction made from impressions of the original coin by Peter Rosa.
This detailed quality reproduction is made from Rosa’s original mold using fine pewter for great detail. The coin is then electroplated with pure silver and hand finished. The coin is stamped with the word copy.

Made in the USA 


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