Amphipolis Tetradrachm 370 B.C.

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Founded by the Athenians in 437 BC, it was later conquered by Philip II of Macedon.
Situated on the eastern bank of the river Strymon, Amphipolis enjoyed a prominent position as a trading hub and a military outpost. In addition, its prime location near the coast allowed it to serve as a gateway between Greece and Thrace, facilitating trade and fostering cultural exchange.

Amphipolis was renowned for its impressive fortifications, including walls, towers, and a protective moat, highlighting its military significance. The city boasted splendid architecture within its borders, featuring grand public buildings, temples, and theaters that showcased its inhabitants’ artistic and cultural prowess.

Amphipolis ceased to strike autonomous coins when it became subject to Philip II of Macedon in 358 B.C. The coins of this city are remarkable for the intensity of expression.

Obverse: Head of Apollo

Reverse: Race-torch and symbol of bee within a raised square frame.

Diameter: 23 mm

Silver plated


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