Manlia Scantilla / Juno Roman Denarius 193 A.D.

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Manlia Scantilla was a Roman Empress, the wife of the Roman Emperor Didius Julianus,

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Manlia Scantilla Roman Denarius Replica

Manlia Scantilla: Roman Empress

Manlia Scantilla, a woman of ancient Rome who lived during the second century, briefly held the title of Roman Empress. Her husband was Didius Julianus, a general who later became the Roman Emperor.

Background and Ancestry

According to her name, Scantilla was likely born into the gens Manlia, which suggests she came from a noble patrician family.
Before Didius Julianus became emperor, he married Manlia Scantilla. In 153, she gave birth to their only child, a daughter named Didia Clara, who was known for her striking beauty.

Tenure as Roman Empress

On March 28, 193, Didius Julianus became the emperor during what became known as the “Year of the Five Emperors.” On the same day, the Roman Senate issued a decree granting Scantilla and her daughter the title of Augusta. Scantilla enjoyed her status as an empress for a mere three months because her husband was assassinated on June 1, 193, by order of the new emperor, Septimius Severus.

Following Didius Julianus’ death, Septimius Severus removed Scantilla’s title as Augusta. However, he permitted her and her daughter to bury the former emperor’s body in a tomb beside his great-grandfather’s outside of Rome.


Within a month of Severus’ accession to the throne, Manlia Scantilla died in obscurity. The fate of Didia Clara is unknown.

Coin Details

Obverse: MANL SCANTILLA AVG, draped bust right.

Reverse:  IVNO REGINA, Juno standing left, holding patera and sceptre,
peacock at feet standing left.

Diameter:  18mm

Material:  Silver-plated, Lead-free metal

Made in the USA.
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of the coin.


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