Marc & Lucius Antony AR Denarius. 41 B.C.

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Lucius Antonius (brother of Marc Antony)

Marc & Lucius Antony AR Denarius. 41 B.C.

Obverse: Bare head of Marc Antony right, M ANTON IMP before, lituus behind

Reverse: L ANTONIVS COS, head of Lucius Antony right

Lucius Antonius was appointed Consul in 41 BC. During the absence of Marc Antony in Asia, Lucius originated what historians called the Perusinian war by exciting the people of Etruria against Octavian Caesar, who had divided their lands amongst his veteran legionaries. The Consul defended himself in Perusia against the besieging forces of Augustus and Agrippa, by whom he was taken prisoner; but he afterwards made his peace with Caesar, who then gave him the governorship of Spain.


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