120 BC – Marcus Tullius Roman Republic Denarius

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Marcus Tullius

Republican moneyer, known only from his coins, maybe the father of
M. Tullius Decula (Consul, 81 BC).

Coin Details:

Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma to the right., ROMA behind

Reverse: Victory driving galloping biga right, holding palm-branch and reins, X below, wreath above, M TVLLI in exergue

In ancient Roman religion, ROMA was the personification of the city of Rome and its power. She was depicted as a strong, warrior-like goddess, often shown wearing a helmet and carrying a spear or shield. ROMA’s primary role was to symbolize and embody the greatness and strength of the Roman Empire, serving as a constant reminder of its dominance and resilience.

Although not a central figure in the Roman pantheon, ROMA was honored through various public monuments and works of art, such as statues, reliefs, and coins. Temples dedicated to her were built in Rome and throughout the Empire, and she was sometimes associated with other important deities like Jupiter and Victory. Over time, as the Roman Empire expanded, ROMA’s significance grew, and she became a powerful symbol of Rome’s authority and influence over its vast territories.

Diameter: 18 mm

Moneyer: Marcus Tullius

Babelon Tuillia 1, BMC Italy 502, Crawford 280/1, Syd 531

Silver-plated, handcrafted in the USA

This coin is stamped on the reverse with the word copy.

Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of the coin printed on the flip insert.


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