Matidia Æ Sestertius 68-119 AD

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Salonina Matidia (68–119 AD) was the daughter of Ulpia Marciana and niece of Trajan who, childless, treated her as his daughter.

Obverse: MATIDIA AVG DIVA F MARCIANAE F, draped bust right

Reverse:PIETAS AVG, Matidia as Pietas standing, head right, holding hands with Sabina & Matidia Minor, S C in exergue

Reference:  RIC 761; Cohen 11; BMC 1088

This museum quality reproduction was made from impressions of the original coin by Peter Rosa.

Diameter: 32 mm

Copper plated, lead free pewter, hand finished patina, made in the USA
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert.


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