Maximus Caesar Denarius Replica Coin 235-238

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Maximus Caesar, was the son of the infamous Roman Emperor Maximinus I Thrax.

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Maximus Caesar 235-238 AD

Gaius Julius Verus Maximus, more commonly known as Maximus Caesar, was the son of the infamous Roman Emperor Maximinus I Thrax. Born during a turbulent period in Roman history, Maximus Caesar’s life was marked by his father’s reign and his unwavering loyalty to him.

Maximinus gave his son the title of Caesar either simultaneously or shortly after his ascension to the position of Augustus.

The Fateful Siege of Aquileia: A Turning Point for Maximus Caesar

In 238 AD, Maximus Caesar found himself alongside his father at the ill-fated siege of Aquileia. This event would prove to be a pivotal moment in his life, as the outcome of the siege ultimately led to their tragic downfall. Despite their combined efforts and military prowess, the father-son duo could not overcome the formidable resistance of the Aquileians. The disastrous siege of Aquileia would have lasting consequences for both Maximinus I Thrax and his son, Maximus Caesar.

The Tragic End: The Downfall and Death of Maximus Caesar

The Roman Senate, dissatisfied with the rule of Maximinus I Thrax, condemned him to death in 238 AD. As a result of his unwavering loyalty to his father, Maximus Caesar shared the same fate. The tragic end of their lives came when their troops turned against them, murdering both Maximinus I Thrax and Maximus Caesar just outside Aquileia on June 24th, 238 AD. This brutal event marked the conclusion of a tumultuous chapter in Roman history, bringing the reign of Maximinus I Thrax to a bloody end and extinguishing the life and potential of his son, Maximus Caesar.


Obverse:  IVL VERVS MAXIMVS CAES, Laurated draped bust right
Reverse: PIETAS AVG, sacrificial implements: lituus, knife, jug, simpulum (ladle) & spinkler.

Diameter: 18mm

Silver-plated lead-free metal.


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