Mithradates III of Pontus, B.C. 220 – 183

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Was the son of Mithradates II, and the fourth King of Pontus.

Mithridatic dynasty, also known as the Pontic dynasty, was a dynasty of Persian origin, founded by Mithridates I Ktistes (Mithridates III of Cius) in 281 BC. The origins of the dynasty were located in the highest circles of the ruling Persian nobility in Cius.

They were prominent enemies of the Roman Republic, during the Mithridatic Wars led by Mithridates VI, and later under Pharnaces II, who was decisively defeated by Julius Caesar at the Battle of Zela.

Obverse: Head of Mithradates III

Reverse:  Zeus seated, holding eagle; in the field, star within crescent (sun and moon), the symbol of the House of Mithradates, which claimed Persian descent

Diameter: 29 mm

Silver plated lead-free pewter, made in the USA
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on the flip insert


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