Owl Of Athena Necklace – Sterling Silver Coin with 14k Gold Bezel

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The owl of Athena was the symbol of wisdom, acuteness, and great knowledge.

Bail: 14k gold
The sterling silver ancient Greek replica coin is mounted in a 14k gold bezel.

Length:  1 9/16 inch, 29.7 mm
Width:    1.2 inches, 29.6 mm
Chain:    14k gold-filled chain adjustable to 22 inches

Coin: Owl facing right with an olive twig and two leaves

Exact replica made from impressions of the original coin.

Reverse: Athena –  Greek goddess of many things, wisdom, war, knowledge, arts and crafts, literature, and agriculture.

Handmade, Shipped in a black clamshell gift box.







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