43 BC – Petillius Capitolinus Roman Republic Denarius

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Moneyer: Petillius Capitolinus

Babelon: Petillia 3,

BMC # 4222

Obverse:  Eagle standing right on Thunderbolt

The eagle is a powerful symbol in Roman iconography, often associated with Jupiter, the king of the gods. The eagle standing on a thunderbolt further emphasizes this connection, as the Thunderbolt is a traditional attribute of Jupiter.

Jupiter’s Significance: Jupiter was the king of the gods in Roman mythology, and his temple on the Capitoline Hill was one of the most important and revered temples in ancient Rome. The eagle and Thunderbolt are his traditional symbols.

 Reverse:  Hexastyle temple with ornamented pediment;

Architectural Alignment: The hexastyle temple on the coin aligns with some historical descriptions of the Capitoline temple,

Diameter: 18 mm

Silver-plated, handcrafted in the USA

This coin is stamped on the reverse with the word copy.

It is packaged in a coin-collecting flip with the description of the coin printed on the flip insert.


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