ROMA .999 Solid Fine Silver – One Troy Ounce – Hand Forged Ingot

$ 160.00


This substantial planchet was hand forged using .999 fine silver. The image was hand struck with impressions from the Ancient Nero Roman coin.

Each piece is unique and no two will look the same.  I have one made at this time and future pieces will be made to order.


Material:  .999 Fine Silver

Weight:  One troy ounce.

Size:  34 mm (1.34inch)
Thickness:  3.9mm (5/32 inch)

Obverse: S-C, ROMA below, helmeted Roma seated left on cuirass, holding Victory in the right hand and resting left arm on the shield.
Reverse:  Stamped 1 troy ounce, .999FS



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