Decadrachm, in Solid .925 Silver

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Thick large Solid Silver Replica

Syracuse under the rule of tyrant Gelon.

This coin was a special issue on the occasion of the Carthaginian defeat, 479 B.C. The Dekadrachm is often referred to as a “Demaretion” with respect to Gelon’s wife Demarete, who intervened with her husband to spare the remaining Carthaginians. It is said that in gratitude, the Carthaginians sent Demarete a gift of 100 talents of gold.  It is traditionally believed she sold the gold for the silver used to strike these magnificent decadrachms.

Obverse: Head of Artemis-Arethusa, wearing an olive wreath surrounded by four dolphins.

Reverse: Slow quadriga-driven charioteer holding goad; above Nike flying right, crowning horses, at the bottom is lion springing right

Thickness:  3.5mm
Diameter: 35 mm
Weight:  28 grams,  0.9 Troy Ounce

BECKER, BMC 63  Stamped on the rim, Reverse stamped
.925 Sterling Silver  made in the USA



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