Vitellius / Concordia 69 AD Roman Gold Aureus

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Diameter: 19 mm
24k Gold plated lead free pewter.

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Vitellius –  Roman emperor for eight months, from 19 April to 20 December  69 AD.

He was the third emperor of the Year of the Four Emperors.

Aulus Vitellius was a Roman Emperor who reigned briefly in 69 AD, known as the “Year of the Four Emperors.” He was born in Rome on September 24, 15 AD, into a noble family with considerable political influence.
Vitellius started his political career as a three-time consul and later held various administrative positions under the emperors Claudius and Nero. He was noted for his competence and, in 68 AD, was appointed Governor of Germania Inferior. Upon hearing of Nero’s suicide and the chaos in Rome, Vitellius saw an opportunity to advance his political ambitions.

In 69 AD, he was proclaimed emperor by his troops, primarily due to his generous nature and his popular policies among the military. However, his excesses and administrative shortcomings characterized his reign as emperor. His popularity among the military did not translate to broader public support, leading to a decline in his rule.

Vespasian, another military commander claiming the title of emperor, ended Vitellius’s reign. After Vespasian’s forces entered Rome in December of 69 AD, Vitellius was captured and executed, ending his short-lived reign.

Coin Details:

Obverse: A VITELLIVS GERMAN IMP TR P, laurel head right.

Reverse: CONCORDIA P R, Concord seated left.

Diameter: 19 mm

24k Gold plated lead-free pewter.

Use this coin to do your historical research.


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