Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps

War elephants depicted in Hannibal Barca crossing the Rhône, by Henri Motte, 1878   In a recent PBS episode of Secrets of the Dead: Hannibal in the Alps our copy of Hannibal’s coin with an elephant on the reverse was used during the telling of the story....

Antinous 111 AD – 130 AD

Antinous was a Bithynia Greek born in Claudiopolis the Roman province of Bithynia (present-day Bolu, Turkey). In 123 AD Hadrian met Antinous and had him taken to Rome for a higher education. Hadrian formed a relationship with Antinous, and by 128 AD he was the...

Biblical Coins In Circulation During Jesus’s Life

Coins in circulation in the Holy Land during Jesus’ life.   HEROD I (THE GREAT), 37 – 4 BC Æ “Eight Prutot” In 37 B.C. King Herod the Great was placed on the throne of Judaea by the Romans. Herod and his successors issued only bronze coins. On this coin:...

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