Augustus / Triumphal Arch 29 B.C. Denarius

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Ancient Rome Octavian [Augustus] Denarius Commemorating the Battle of Actium 30BC and 29BC, Octavian’s victory in the naval the Battle of Actium in 32 BC that led to the defeat of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, he became the sole ruler of the Roman world and later became its first emperor, known as Augustus Caesar.

Obverse: Octavian Bare head right

Reverse: Octavian in quadriga facing on the triumphal arch for Victory at Actium inscribed IMP CAESAR.

The arch depicted would be the Arcus Octaviani, made to commemorated Octavian’s military successes. To this day, there have been no confirmed findings to the locations of its ruins, the only surviving information about this monument would be from various literary sources, and of the depiction found on the coin above.

Diameter: 19 mm
Material: Silver plated lead-free pewter

Made in the USA
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert.


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