Paulina Roman Denarius 235-236 AD

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Caecilia Paulina was a Roman Empress wife of Emperor Maximinus Thrax, mother to Caesar Maximus

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Caecilia Paulina

Caecilia Paulina was a Roman Empress who lived during the 3rd century AD. She married Emperor Maximinus Thrax, who ruled the Roman Empire from 235 to 238 AD. While not much is known about her life, it is believed that she held the title of Augusta during her husband’s reign.

Paulina had a single son, Gaius Julius Verus Maximus, who was designated as Caesar in 236 AD by his father. However, their soldiers tragically killed both individuals in May 238 AD. It is likely that Paulina passed away sometime between late 235 and early 236 since Maximus posthumously honored her as a deity in 236 AD.

Coin Details:


Draped bust DIVA PAVLINA


Empress with Scepter riding on a Peacock CONSECRATIO

Diameter: 18 mm

This replica coin accurately represents the original and is handcrafted from high-quality materials and silver plated.  Made the USA.

Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of the coin printed on the flip insert.


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