Pieces of Eight Fractional Spanish American Colonial Coinage Set

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Set Includes:

  • British Virgin Islands: Tortola Counterstamped 4 Shilling
  • Saint Martin: Dutch-French Colony. 18 Stuivers
  • Two 1 Real fractional pieces

The 8 Real silver coin was often cut into 8 “bits” to make change. Each bit was worth 12 1/2 cents (100 divided by 8).  Two bits equaled a quarter, Four bits equaled a half dollar.

Material:  Silver plated fine pewter


1 review for Pieces of Eight Fractional Spanish American Colonial Coinage Set

  1. William Covington (verified owner)

    I ordered a set of the Spanish fractional coins. I received them very quickly and was totally satisfied with them! One reason they are so very appealing is their thin silver coating which gives them that right “clink” whenever they are held all together.

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